Gone, gone, gone

OK, so barring another car accident before we leave….I am sure Dave is granny driving everywhere for the next few days..we’re leaving early Friday morning; by early I mean 11 am or so…maybe later. You’d think that having an extra week here in E-townwe would be packed and prepared…my clothes are still folded in piles next to an open duffel bag…Dave tells me his clothes are still in a laundry hamper…they are clean though.

So yeah, leaving Friday…gone for a long time.



So a quick travel update, we’re stranded…..in Edmonton. My co-traveler had some car issues the day before..someone decided to run a red light and smash the back quarter off the car we were taking. So we’re hoping to get a rental or something and leave later this week. An unfortunate start to be sure, but hopefully it just keeps us here a few more days.

On a positive note, I have a ridiculous amount of free time right now and have started watching the travel show ‘departures’. It was my favorite show awhile back and I am re-learning why. If you haven’t watched it before and are into a good travel show, not a kitschy one….give it a shot.


Travel Blog

So here is where my account of the US road trip with Dave will be posted for anyone that wants to read along. Hopefully we’ll do some things worthy of writing about, and hopefully I’ll even remember to sit down and write about them….maybe even if we’re lucky either me or Dave will remember to take a picture…and maybe, just maybe…Rachel will tell me how to actually post pictures on this page, if that is an option on here..(Rachel if you read this that was a big barely subtle hint)…between the 2 of us we hopefully will bring the cameras out now and then…likely more will come from Dave, I’m an after the fact thinker when it comes to photography…

We leave tomorrow, spending the first night in tropical Brooks, AB…..I can’t imagine a better place to start a road trip!, unless I try to……….but I won’t and its gonna be awesome. We have a borrowed GPS that comes with the name Sonia….just to add a female companion to the trip. The plan on day 2 is….well, there is no day 2 plan just yet. Or day 3, or 4, and so on so forth…its gonna be just awesome.

Littlest hobo out

I am reading a new book called “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews, basically its about an old guy named Jones who adds his own perspectives to other peoples lives . It has been a pretty enlightening read so far by just showing the value of keeping things in perspective, and it seems every 3rd page I am stopping to write down some new quote or passage I like. I was reading a part today that I th9ought spoke volumes about friendship, and I thought I’d type in verbatim what it said –

(Jones here is explaining to a married couple that even though they have just met him he is not wrong in telling them that on that particular day he is their ‘best friend’ as he gives them some marital advice. The whole chapter is a pretty good discussion on friendship and relationships as a whole.)

– Something about this snowy-haired man mesmerized the Hansons, and they sat without speaking as he bit into another crab claw and said, “Most folks figure a friend is someone who accepts them as they are. But that’s dangerous garbage to believe.” He gave a dismissive wave of his hand. “The kid who works the drive through at your local fast food restaurant accepts you as you are – because he doesn’t care anything about you, But a true friend holds you to a higher standard. A true friend brings out the best in you.” Jones cocked his head and leaned across the table as if he were about to tell them a secret. “A best friend,” he said softly, “will tell you the truth . . . and a wise best friend will offer you a healthy dose of perspective” – (pg 30)

I thought this passage was great because as a true friend you have a responsibility to try to affect your crew around you positively: whether it’s asking your friend if they would like a piece of gum…to counter their bad breath….and then saying “really, I think you could make good use of this” when they refuse…or it’s telling your best buddy that you think they really are better off without the girl that treats them like…well, you know….even when you know they are madly in love with their distorted view of that person. While it all has to be done with proper timing and some tact, a true friend I think is willing to put themselves on the line if it means helping you out in the end, despite the consequences.

My next post will be written far, far away from the coffee shop I’m sitting in now…which by the way charges for wireless….I didn’t think there were places like that here in Edmonton, when I was in Halifax I avoided these places like the plague…Anyways its all travel writing from here on out!


So I have decided to start up a blog for two reasons, 1: A friend told me to as I am gonna be traversing the US soon and (his words) he wants to live through me; and 2: I have some free time this afternoon as I am now 1 day out from being employed.

First: I have to admit that a week ago I promised myself I would stop finger peck typing and try to start typing like the rest of the world, I am not keeping that promise with this blog. Way too slow. I will also try not to end sentences with multiple periods…..but whenever I write it tends to be synchronous to what I am thinking and …. is usually me actually pausing to stay in a thought.

Second, I don’t like the word blog..from here out I’ll only refer to this as a statement, or a conversational comment..likely I’ll go with the first one.

Third: As I am writing this on my last full day in Prince Albert Saskatchewan I feel like writing a small bit about my experiences here in this city: things I liked, loved, and loathed.

Overall this was a pretty stellar experience, I got to run and manage a Physio clinic on my own which was an eye opener for sure. If anyone ever tells you a secretary and an office manager don’t earn their money ask them if they have ever worked without one. I did for the last 4 months and let me tell you they can make your life completely blissful when they take the small duties out of your hands and just let you treat patients.

The people here were really friendly. I can’t say I met a single person I didn’t like…well, except for a few guys at an amateur boxing event I helped toss out. From that night I believe that alcohol should be a privilege not a right and the courts should be able to check off a box on every persons license saying “this person is not mature enough to purchase or consume alcohol” after they make an idiot of them self one too many times. Besides that everyone was awesome, from patients to prison guards, to store owners, they were all great. Its too bad I wasn’t here in the summer to really get a feel for the energy that I am sure this city can put out.

The different cultural society was unique as well, and it was easy to see an interesting divide here between some sections of society. But that is a whole other topic best served with a few cups of coffee and opinions far more educated than my own..though I’ll offer mine if prodded.

I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here for the first time….and what an awesome sport. It is so much more cerebral than I had anticipated, and its such a great feeling when you learn a new choke or submission and actually pull it off on someone who is a worthy adversary. Major props to the Deadly Legends club. Great people.

All in all a good time, I am ready to move on and try a new destination (the littlest hobo theme is in my head as I write this..thanks JDP). There are some things I’ll miss about the city, just as I miss things about everywhere I have lived…but now I can say I know a little bit of what PA is about.

Hopefully my next statement or conversational comment will be from somewhere in the western US…unless I think of something else to write this week. I do have many random thoughts…and a blog could be a really bad thing for me as most of those are meant to stay inside my head.